Empowering for Success – Creating Video Stories

Stories touch us, stories move us…

Storytelling is one of the most effective marketing tactics. As Christopher Penn puts it, ‘No child will ever ask you to read them a press release at bedtime. They want you to tell them a story. So do your customers.’ (link)
People enjoy stories. It’s because stories fire our emotions and open up our minds. They let us experience new dimensions and escape ordinary realities.

Stories can take us to far destinations…
But there’s more to it…
Although hearing a great story can move us and touch us – the whole experience is what counts. The way the story is delivered has to be interesting and engaging.
Telling stories with videos lets you accomplish exactly that.

Entertaining Videos Stories Bring Magic

People are visual beings and they also enjoy good stories. That’s why videos and stories together make a powerful combination. Video stories are entertaining, stimulating and engaging.

Some of the most obvious benefits of video storytelling

Videos Help us Easily Memorize Complex Messages
The video Itself helps us memorize complex subjects much easier while video storytelling ensures we don’t lose focus or interest during the learning process.
It might sound like a cliche but the picture does speak a thousand words.
We learn much easier through pictures than we could ever through written words. Our brains like to be stimulated by colors, movements, different facial expressions. The whole process of delivering complex messages becomes easier through video.
On the other hand, stories let you experience the information, as opposed to just consuming it. This makes the whole process of learning much engaging and entertaining. And that’s when the magic happens – we learn while enjoying.
What can be better than that?

Power of Video Stories – Creating Long-lasting Emotional Bonds

The true power of video stories come from the endless possibilities to emotionally touch your customers, to move them to the new dimensions, out of ordinary realities, to evoke their curiosity and the thirst for knowledge and new findings.
As already mentioned, learning is hard, researching is difficult and exhausting and when there is too much information to be processed many of us can find themselves overwhelmed, bored and stuck in never-ending lines of too long content.
That’s exactly what your customers might feel when they are trying to find out answers to problems and pains they are suffering from.
They need a solution and although you and your services or products might be a cure reaching the end destination can look too far away sometimes.

Video stories help here.

You can take your customers on a trip to far destinations. Make them feel happiness, joy, love. They can be scared or even annoyed. They can watch others suffer from the same problems they are suffering from. You can make them feel less alone and more connected – all by just telling your story with video.
But you might be wondering what kind of stories could be delivered through video?

Endless Possibilities of Video Storytelling

The possibilities are endless.
Today videos are used at every stage of buyer’s journey as video storytelling successfully ensures moving customers further down the sale funnel.
No matter if you want your brand story to be filmed or your customers’ testimonials to be presented in a less boring way, or maybe you only need to showcase your product features – all of these stories can be captured and presented in the entertaining and easily consumed videos.
Business introductions, Product demo, video blogs, experts interviews, event videos, how-to or educational videos, explainer, animated, case study videos are just some of the most popular ones.

Social Media and the Power of Videos

Yes, videos could do much for your business on your homepage while delivering your brand story and on the product page while showcasing product features or explaining benefits customers will accomplish by using your services, but the perks of publishing videos on social networks are unique. Videos are inevitable on all social media channels.
Whether is Tweeter, Instagram or Facebook – your video stands better chances to be seen by your target audience when is published on social as a viewer doesn’t have to invest his time in researching – instead your video is shown to him on his newsfeed, flashing straight to his face and ensuring you and your brand stay at the top of your customer’s mind.
YouTube is also a social media channel as well as the second largest search engine (after Google). It has more than 1 billion users. This means that by publishing video content on YouTube you are getting excellent exposure. But this isn’t the end, there’s even more…
YouTube is owned by Google – that’s the reason why videos results from YouTube are shown within organic search results on Google, and often they are shown on the first page of search results.
So by featuring your video on YouTube, you are getting great chances to be found on both search engines – Google and YouTube at the same time.

You Do Have a Story to Tell

No matter how big or small your business is. Whether you are just starting out or if you are in business for years – you DO have a great story to tell.
And not just that you do – you need and have to do it.
Your business deserves to succeed. So do you.
You’ve worked hard to be where you are, you’ve pushed boundaries and made your ideas count. Now it’s time to share those ideas with the world in the most engaging and entertaining way. – by telling your story through video.
If you are unsure how to do it, if you don’t have the time or adequate equipment don’t let that stop you.
Don’t make any excuses.
Find the way to make it happen.

Explore Possibilities of Working with Professionals – Shoot with Alkaye Media for Success

By doing so you will ensure your videos stand out from the rest and will provide your customers with, not just an entertainment, but the quality they deserve as well.
Alkaye Media Group has been using videos to tell stories for almost 40 years now and during that time we have helped thousands of customers in various endeavors – explore endless possibilities of professionally filmed and recorded videos. We know how videos are invaluable in every marketing strategy and we know how to help your business grow through video marketing. Check some of our video stories here (link)
Alkaye Media believes you deserve only the best and as a business that is oriented on serving their customers best interest, we are focused on pushing boundaries of quality video creation so our customers never leave unsatisfied.

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