In today’s competitive world, Digital Marketing holds an important place for anyone who desires to have a unique entity. Your message can be effectively seen, read and heard in various media: TV, Internet, Email, Billboards, In-store and more.

Millions of people search the Internet for different services and products and to be effective, your business has to have a strong Digital Marketing Strategy in place.

Our services model is well designed to suit your business needs. We work in tandem with your ideas & always try to achieve the specified marketing goals. Alkaye Media has the skill and staff to offer promotional techniques that grab attention and hold on to those customers searching for your business.

Video Marketing

Video Attracts interest in your business. Once people learn more about what you do, they are more comfortable bringing you their business.

Alkaye Media creates attention-grabbing video for all kinds of business. No longer can a text only website be expected to keep your clients’ attention. By adding video, you can increase your retention in viewer’s minds by over 60%.

A business using video finds conversion rates increased by 80%.  Also, video is the most common content that mobile users share videos with others.


Local SEARCH strategies

Web searching has changed. Today more people use mobile devices to search and local businesses must have an effective strategy in place in order to take advantage of this opportunity. This begins with having a mobile-optimized website followed by a local search strategy. Planning your strategy and making sure it works is part of our services.

E-Mail Advertising

Your customer email list is a golden marketing opportunity. Clients who have done business with you are more receptive to hearing more from you and e-Mail advertising campaigns can do wonders for your business in a very low cost, high yielding way. Whether you need an ongoing campaign, or a one-time promotion, we can design your message and manage the mailing as well.


Social Media Marketing

Today’s savvy business needs to market themselves through the ever-changing social media. No longer can you sit idle with only a website you must be proactive to reach decision-makers who want to do business with those they engage her relationship with. We can assist you with the latest Social Media techniques to achieve the social networking targets for your business. Our experienced staff is well equipped to plan specific social media strategies for your businesses through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and more. We can manage your entire social media marketing or assist you in the process.

Electronic Digital Advertising

Studies show that digital signs are highly more effective at promoting items than posters or lettered displays. Digital signs can play video and audio, which can grab and keep attention.  It’s a perfect medium for promoting your business inside or outside your shop. Alkaye Media can create graphics for any of these displays to deliver the right message for you.

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