Getting Started with Instagram

Some folks seem to think that Instagram is just for the teens. That means you haven’t been keeping up with your hot off the press social media demographics. The young ones are using Snapchat and that makes Snapchat happy, and is a good thing to remember if you are trying to get the word out to the younger segment. But, back to Instagram. Thought I would give you a few ideas that will make this app an important part of your marketing grab bag.

1. You are probably already using pictures for your website, Facebook, even Twitter. Your product, your staff, your “behind the scenes” images are all invaluable resources for Instagram…think exposure. This is a great way to show off what you do, what you sell, and what you want your customers to know about your company. Be sure to use hashtags, such as #sale or #holiday open house.

Creative product photos
Company events and activities
New products
Products on sale
2. Customers and clients seem to love seeing what you, your employees, and your offices look like. People are not only buying your product, they are also buying your ambiance and lifestyle, which can easily be shared through on-site photos. Your audience wants to see what you and your colleagues are up to.

Office birthday parties
Unpacking new product
Making a commercial
Redecorating your work-space
Office charity contributions
Events in your community
3. Instagram is a tool that can build your customer base. It connects people from around the globe, and since it is growing by leaps every day, your clients are probably already users. Your customer base will begin to grow over time, but all along the way you will be building your brand, and developing loyal followers.

4. One of the best parts of Instagram is that pictures (one picture is worth a thousand words, remember?) draw others in. Their is a feeling of being connected when personal pictures are shared. The words you add to your post can increase that emotional connection, as well, not to mention that it increases the “trust” factor immensely.

5. Instagram itself has proven the theory that pictures are extremely irresistible. Statistics show that the likes and comments on Instagram postings are bigger than on any other social media sites. Once you’re set up, you will be able to get your customers involved in your business:

You can ask your followers for hashtags
Ask followers for photos of themselves
Have them share photos of themselves and/or friends using your products
Take photos of them in your shop or office when they come in
6. The way to increase your traffic on Instagram is to post a link to your profile section, since that is the only place you are allowed to have an active link. In your post comments, however, you can mention your website or add a call to action.

Give it a try, we’re pretty sure you will find it a valuable addition to your online marketing game plan.

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