FAA Approves Alkaye Media for Drone Use

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently gave permission to Alkaye Media to operate drones otherwise known as unmanned aircraft system (UAS) under FAA exemption #13069. The exemption will allow Alkaye Media to fly the drones for commercial purpose and fly up to 400 feet height. This permission is among the few being provided recently by FAA to some selected organizations, after strict checking, aimed at promoting commercial use of drones in a professional, legalized, and responsible manner. With this approval Alkaye Media claims its position in the elite group of organizations, which includes the likes of Amazon and others, which has permission to fly commercial drones in United States airspace for commercial purpose.

The Benefits of using Drones in Business

According to officials from Alkaye Media, use of drones will help in providing excellent bird’s eye view for business commercials, creating promotional video for cities in their economic development, capturing sports events, photography, inspection and much more. This permission opens up a plethora of new opportunities. President and Executive Producer of Alkaye Media, Al Kohout, stated that, “We strive to meet the ever changing needs of our vast customer base with focus on how to meet their goals along with outstanding customer service.  Even while customer satisfaction will remain the top priority, respecting privacy and operating our drone safely will be given due importance by Alkaye Media and all of FAA’s guidelines will be strictly adhered to.

Use of drone for commercial purpose is only the most recent tool in the arsenal of premier video producers. Now, with FAA’s approval process it is possible for the business organizations to provide superior services and special privileges to the customers. Having cleared to operate drones, Alkaye Media is all set to take a big leap and grant enhanced service quality and broader array of services to its existing and prospective clients.

Alkaye Media is a full-service video marketing business

The Chicago area (Westmont, IL) video production company has been in business for more than 36 years providing excellent professional service to its clients. The technological leap with this authorization, combined with decades of experience, puts Alkaye Media well ahead of its competition. It is common practice for many amateurs and small organizations to provide drone service without having legal permission to do so, creating safety concern as well as further issues for their clients in future. With this exemption by the FAA and now the blanket approval being provided to all approved commercial organizations, use of piloting a drone illegally will diminish. This will also allow approved commercial organizations to provide better, more efficient and faster service to their clients.

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