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We do lots of talking about video marketing, but I don’t think we have ever gone into detail about what, exactly, is included in a video production. Let me walk you through a few facts so that we are all on the same page.

Since we have been making videos for businesses, non-profits, politicians, and private use for about 39 years, we do know quite a bit about the importance of video. As one of Chicago’s premiere production companies, we feel that our customers can trust they will receive the best service, the best quality, and the best experience that is available in this area of the country. So, let’s get right to it. What is the first step in getting a video for your professional or personal use?

We are still old-school enough to know how important it is to meet with our clients face-to-face, not just to discuss our mutual business venture, but, more importantly, to get to know the people with whom we will be working. During this initial meeting, we will talk about why you need this video. What is your message? What is your brand? What do you want people to know about you? We take as long as is necessary to get to know you in such a way that we can produce an authentic and compelling finished product in which you will take pride.

Once we are comfortable that we understand your wishes, and once you can trust that not only do we know what we are doing, but also that we can create a video marketing program and the end product that you want. We will then begin our discussion of how we will go about getting the look, feeling, message, and information that you want to get across to your audience.

Now, the magic begins, because we can do almost anything that can be done in the technical world of video projects. Do you want to shoot on location? Or, would you rather film in a studio? Either way, we can create the atmosphere that you need. Yes, we have full lighting and audio support, and we can stream live, as well. Our equipment allows us the use of multi-camera production, tele-prompters, as well as green screen technology that really gives you that “the sky’s the limit” kind of product.

We will assist you in conceptualizing your script, and share our expertise on what has worked well in the past, along with innovating on the spot when necessary. Needless to say, a commercial video can be used in myriad ways in today’s marketing arena. Using the video on your website has been shown to maximize your customer engagement. You can even have your commercial or personalized video playing in your brick and mortar office for walk-in customer involvement.

There’s so much more we want to continue to share with you about the power of video for your business and for so many other purposes. For more value, take a look at this Forbes article about how to use video more effectively. Then, give us a call and we will help you get moving down this exciting road, fit this kind of project into your video marketing budget, and, of course, show you some of what we have already done.

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