We are committed to total satisfaction. The praise from our clients seen here are only a small selected sampling of those we have received over the past 30+ years. We are so grateful that our dedication is recognized. Thank you.

Note: Comments represent all of our various services and businesses
Julie Busch, Adventist Midwest Health

It’s important for us to tell the mission of our hospitals in an engaging way. We’ve worked with Alkaye Media for a number of years now, and we really consider them our partners.

April Toliver-Wilkins, Alice II Salons

I would definitely recommend Alkaye Media. They are very professional, they get the job done very fast, they make sure that you feel comfortable, and they make sure you get across what you want your business to come across as to your customers.

Danielle Muhlenbeck, Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital

I really appreciate great customer service, and I would recommend AMG for any of your video shoot needs. They were highly professional, on top of things, and in a timely manner got us all of our products. We couldn’t have been happier with the service that we received.

Laura Valcour, Chefs for a Day

Visual imagery has got to be the best way to sell a service. For “Chefs for a Day,” we have talked about our classes, but when you see a class actually going on, the video is the best way to show parents and teachers exactly what we’re doing in the classroom.

Joe & Sharla Vittorio

To actually describe the video, it brings tears to my eyes! It was just absolutely amazing and beautiful…I watched it 3 times the first night we got it!

John Fagan, Dance Workshop & Jo’s Footworks

Not everybody understands what production value is, but Sound Memories does and that was what I saw from day one.

Jim Fox, Fox Financial Group

Everyone that I’ve been working with here has been very professional, very accessible, and easy going. Good to work with and knowledgeable!

Heather Hynds, Fenwick High School

The product that was delivered to us was exactly what we asked for. We used the video at Fenwick’s annual fundraiser and we were extremely proud of the end result. Thank you for doing such a great job, we will be using you again in the future.

Connie Fagan & Kevin Sweeney

It brought us right back to that day. That was by far the best day of my life, and to be able to relive that day over and over again watching that video is just incredible.

Karen Roche

It was a great experience, and I feel like the staff are all my new best friends!

Clark Johnson, FCAC Director of Marketing

We had to produce a video in a very short time frame. Alkaye Media did the best job, as far as presenting themselves and telling exactly what they could do, what they can lay out and got us in the studio that day. It came out beautiful.

Micki Doherty, Music Makers

The quality of their work is excellent, and the people they send out are extremely professional and a lot of fun to work with, so I highly recommend them to everyone! They’re wonderful!

Debby Heniff, City of Darien

You guys couldn’t be more service orientated! You guys are the most professional and have the quickest service any customer could want! Sound Memories knows just how to edit videos to make them flow. Sound Memories is fun to work with and they are very professional. I always know a project will be done in the best way possible when you do it, thank you!

Jane Hulbert, The Jane Group

I often come to Sound Memories in a crisis because I have a presentation coming up and I need something turned around quickly, they always get the job done easily, quickly, and efficiently. I worked for McDonalds Corporation for a long time and we used many different companies to do video and media for us and I have to say that Sound Memories is the best I have worked with.

Joanna and Clare Skiris

Sound Memories made a scrapbook for us for our 50th wedding anniversary. Sound Memories will bend over backwards for you. The finished project is just amazing. We look at the scrapbook almost every day.

Marie Hejnal and Mom

Mom turned 80 a couple years ago and we came to Sound Memories to create a video. We created a video together that will be a treasured memento for years to come. Sound Memories took us in as family; it was if they were doing a video for their own mom or sister. We knew that we were in good hands at Sound Memories. They are very professional, friendly, and sweet.

Heidi and Jack Dierks

Sound Memories did our wedding video. I was very happy with the quality. It was a great price and it was definitely worth it. My mom watched the wedding video four times already. Sound Memories made our wedding a wonderful day.

Gary and Karen Donar

In 1984 when Karen and I were planning our wedding we chose Sound Memories. It means everything to be able to take out our wedding video years later and relive that moment. Later, I brought several hours worth of 8 millimeter film that I was going to transfer as my 50th wedding anniversary gift to give them. They were so thrilled with it. Everyone I’ve dealt with at Sound Memories has always been very professional in their approach. Sound Memories makes you feel like part of the family.

Bob and Carolyn Napoli

Sound Memories made a video for us to send to our grandson in Iraq. The video was made for his 20th birthday. It was a wonderful experience. It went way beyond my expectations. The video was an emotional experience for us. I don’t know how anyone could have a dry eye, it was so well done. We were very happy that we selected Sound Memories for our project.

Liz Kiss, MB Financial

I’ve never worked for two solid days with people that had more fun doing what they do and being committed to making everybody participating feel comfortable and not rushed.

Dan McGue

Sound Memories made me a recruiting highlight video that I sent out to a bunch of schools which helped me with my recruitment process. One of the things that Sound Memories did that a lot of the other recruiting videos that I have seen didn’t do is that they highlighted me in the tape. I was impressed, it really came together nicely. I sent out my tape to about 40 schools and in the spring of my junior year I got a scholarship to play football at the United States Military Academy. I would definitely recommend Sound Memories.

Julie McGue

Sound Memories helped me put together a video scrapbook as a surprise present for my husband’s birthday. We were out of town for his birthday to attend a family reunion. The whole family gathered in a movie theater and we put the video scrapbook on. He was very surprised. My favorite part of the video was watching everyone’s reactions to the video. Everyone enjoyed it. Sound Memories is very efficient, easy to work with and did more than met my expectations on the project.

Diane Foernssler
Your prices were very reasonable and the taping quality on the DVDs from our 8mm is wonderful. The woman at the front desk was very nice and personable.
Diane Duncan
I liked that I was able to give you the music to put with the home movies. Thank you for the opportunity. I also appreciated the fact that when the tape ran longer than the music I provided you filled the rest with music comparable to the music I had provided.
Paula McKnight
The preparatory information was beneficial in getting the pictures together for the video scrapbook. Everyone was great to work with, very professional, and offered wonderful suggestions for pulling the project together.
Kris Grady
Very professional, easy to talk to, friendly, conscientious.
Barb Glosniak
Very professional, all work done in timely manner as promised, end product was absolutely perfect! Thanks for making a very special evening even more special!
D. Kaindl
We are absolutely delighted with your work and feel you should be elected to the video hall of fame…….If you ever need a reference, give me a call. I will be more than happy to shout from the roof what a brilliant organization you have.
Lisa Hutcherso
Thanks for letting me pick up my DVDs even though you were not technically open. They were a huge hit and we watched them over and over on our 2 week family vacation.
Joanne Mulhearn
Everyone is professional, and seem to do a great job. They also treat my requests like they are important ones. They are important to me, but I realize that you have much bigger jobs than mine. Also, you have prompt service.
Steve Fitzgerald
We came to you guys with a VERY short time line for completion and no one ever made us feel the completion of the project would be difficult. In fact, despite this tight turnaround time, everyone remained positive and enjoyable to work with throughout the process. The end result was a very professional product well received by our audience. Thanks!
J. Jureqicz
Many are shocked when they see how professionally composed our video was done. They can’t believe the quality of editing, sound and format…..Your editing was more than we ever expected. Your level of communication prior to our wedding established a foundation for what we wanted you to capture.
Marta Porter
I’m so delighted with the result of your work that you deserve the feedback. You took a video of my infant son which we had not been able to watch in over 12 years due to a damaged camcorder and made it into a DVD that, although not perfect due to the extent of the damage, we were able to watch and actually hear what was being said. I am delighted.