Alkaye Media is one of Chicago’s premier media studios. Spanning over 30 years, there are a variety of projects which we have done. Your project demands the kind of attention to detail and quality that thousands of clients have come to trust from Alkaye Media.
On-Location Production Broadcast and Web Commercials Streaming and Webinars In-Studio Production
We provide single or multi-camera video productions for any need. We’ve built our reputation on planning and follow-through to get the job done right. Proper lighting and full audio support is part of our scope as well. Using the Newtek Tricaster, AMG is able to stream live and do multi-camera production, using green screen as well as tele-prompters from any location. Alkaye Media also produces professional and high-quality commercials for any type of business. Our video production team can help you conceptualize the script, produce your commercial and turn it to a striking web video. A professional website commercial can help you stand out from your competitors. Our company is based in Chicago but can also service any client around the world through images and/or raw videos they send us. Your presentations and meetings can be streamed live via the internet from any location. We provide live sports, webinars, corporate training, meetings and other events using our state of the art infrastructure including multi-camera set up, graphics, two-way chat options, an archive library and more. You can even have your own commercial free broadcast channel in which to provide your message. If you would like to create an audio podcast instead, we have the facilities to do that project as well. Within our facilities, we can produce talent shots in front of a backdrop or green screen. Backdrops can be changed, including green screen, so bring your ideas and we’ll make it happen. Our in-house facilities comprise of multiple cameras, audio set-up, teleprompter, & production control where we can even add virtual sets.
Green Screen Virtual Tours Sports Broadcasts and Competitions Infomercials
Any type of background is available with use of green screen. We offer portable green screen as well as green screen in our studio. Custom graphics can also be created and virtual studios can be designed to complement your project. Turn prospective clients into real customers through interactive virtual tours. Wow your audience by giving them a 360 degree virtual experience of your business or product. We cater to all industries. Let us help you expand your consumer reach by making high-quality online and offline virtual tours! Our team has produced sports videos and competitions for many years. From Football to Cheerleading, AMG has the expertise to tackle these assignments. We use several cameras on site to produce the programs for streaming, broadcast and archival requirements. We can even add local commentary. $150 billion in consumer products are sold each year through infomercials. With the right video, your product can create the necessary following which leads to sales. Once created, AMG can help you with online and broadcast placement as well. Let your audience know about the specifics and quality of your product through intelligent and professional infomercials.
Recruiting Talent Video Audio Production Music Videos
Today’s universities recruit athletes based on skills seen on video. We at AMG have years of experience creating these demos by shooting the footage ourselves or editing existing video. We understand the right style to highlight your skills and catch the eyes of the recruiter. Many of our athletes have received full scholarships to attend universities across the country. Performers and Spokespeople need a well produced video in order to separate themselves from others. Professional video and audio is key to creating a video that is certain command the attention needed for you. Because of our vast experience, AMG also produces audio commercials and “On Hold” messaging. We can enhance the sound and add any effects and music tracks as well. On location, AMG can set up audio in all types of venues. The explosive growth of the internet music market requires bands and entertainers to show their talents in video form. Alkaye Media has produced music videos for award winning entertainers. Trust us with yours.