Media Services
Spanning over 30 years of audio and video services, Alkaye Media has the equipment and knowledge to provide the best media services in the Chicago area. Whether you have a need for video transfers of any format or preservation of audio recordings, we have done that. Large screen projection (inside and out) is also an expertise of ours as well as recording audio for your presentations as well. The services below are a small example of our overall capabilities.
Video Transfers Projection Audio Transfers Film, Slide and Photo Transfers
Videotapes can all be transferred to today’s digital formats for long-term preservation. We convert any film or video format (including foreign as well as old BETA videotapes) When your event requires presentation of the video, we can provide a large screen and sound set up. We even provide the operator to make this task worry-free. Convert those older audio recordings to today’s technology. Records, Cassettes, Reel-to-Reel and 8-track tapes can be digitally enhanced, and transferred to a CD in our own studios! Order Now
We clean all film, slides and prints then transfer them to a DVD or Video file for a “new look on some old times,” preserved for future generations! We can even add titles, music and narration.
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Photos from Video Packaging and Fulfillment Phone Messages and Internet Audio Videotape Repairs
Sometimes, the only image you have of that special time is on video. Now, we can capture those images into single frames that can be printed or archived. Custom label and sleeve design. We can even provide shipping and delivery! We can pull messages from your phone or internet and put them on a CD for archival purposes. We repair broken videotapes. Torn or wrinkled videotapes are no problem!
Format Conversion and Encoding DVD/CD Repairs Duplication Interactive CDs
Bring us your own videos and we can make files for you to edit or upload to any web site. Blu-ray, Flash, H264, Windows Media, AVI, QUICKTIME, MPEG, and many others. Why replace that Scratched DVD or CD? Our process can often repair that defective CD or DVD so it plays like new! DVD and CD transfers and duplication are all available direct in our studio. Any quantity from 1 – 1000 can be done quickly in our high speed duplicators.   Order Now These are great for showing your company’s product and services to prospects in a multi-media environment. CDs play on all computers and are like a website or catalog with various pages and can even include video clips!